Capitola Community Center 831-475-5935
Instructor:   HANYA FOJACO

$10.00 materials fee is payable at the first class.

Supplies: (If you have any supplies, bring them to class for evaluation.)

1)      sheet of 140 lb. Arches 22″ x 30″ cold press paper,

2)      sheet of 1/2″ foam core,

3)      one folding plastic palette,

4)      two plastic jars for water (e.g. empty peanut butter jars work well),

5)      roll of blue shop towels (buy at any auto supply or hardware),

6)      roll of  1/2″  or  1″  white artist’s tape,

7)     1 each 4H and 2B pencils,

8)     Pentel Clic Eraser,

9)     kneaded eraser,

10)   one sheet of light gray transfer paper  (not a roll),

11)   utilities box to hold your supplies,

12)   2 or 3 simple reference photos of what you would like to paint.

short handled round synthetic sable (e.g. Simply Simmons brushes) #8, #6, #4, #2.

Watercolor brands: 

Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith, Holbein, Van Gogh, Grumbacher, Cotman.


Grumbacher Cadmium Red Lt,  Cad. Yellow Med,   Grumbacher Naples Yellow, Lemon Yellow,  Hooker’s Green,  Ultramarine Blue,  Cerulean Blue,  Dioxizine Violet, Burnt Sienna,  Burnt Umber,  Neutral Tint.